Entertainment Law

Using our extensive background in the Hollywood community, we provide Comprehensive service to navigate you through the complicated world of entertainment industry legal hurdles.

  • Represent production companies and producers in the production of animation, scripted and unscripted television and motion picture projects
  • Draft, revise, review and negotiate collaboration, production and co-production agreements
  • Represent, draft, review and negotiate talent agreements for above the line and below the line talent including but not limited to: writers, actors, directors and producers in motion pictures, animation, web series, scripted and unscripted television
  • Represent, draft, review and negotiate Literary rights, Life story rights agreements, option/purchase agreements for screenplay/book/short story, licensing, royalty, publishing agreements and other matters relating to underlying rights
  • Legal advice on rights and script clearance issues
  • Title searches and interpretation
  • Errors and omissions insurance reviews
  • Counsel on the use of tax-incentive film and production credits to finance productions
  • Represent and provide legal advice in connection with protecting treatments and concepts and for submissions to producers, financiers and production companies
  • Provide legal representation on guild and union issues
  • Review, negotiate and draft merchandising & agency agreements, endorsement contracts, marketing and advertising deals, public relations and ad sales representation contracts, and licensing deals
  • Review, negotiate and draft distribution agreements in all mediums/platforms including but not limited to television, theatrical, digital, DVD, and print
  • Accreditation and presentation of projects at film festivals, screenings and other publicity at film festivals such as: Cannes, Berlin, AFM, Toronto, etc
  • Establishing eligibility for award nominations
  • Publishing agreements, media and ancillary rights agreements, joint authorship agreements
  • Draft, revise, review and negotiate music recording and publishing contracts, band formation and reorganization, live performance and touring agreements, and music licensing agreements

Production Legal

Representation of a production determined at initial consultation. Representation includes but it is not limited to:

  • Represent and provide legal advice in connection with protecting concepts and treatments
  • Counsel and form single purpose entities
  • Review, draft and negotiate Location and release agreements
  • Review, draft and negotiate sponsorship and product placement agreements
  • Review, draft and negotiate above the line agreements including but not limited to director, talent agreements, producer, executive producer, and casting director agreements
  • Investor and financing contracts
  • Collection account management agreements ("CAMA")
  • Guild representation: Obtain SAG signatory status, work closely with the representative and the production to ensure that the project is in compliance with its applicable SAG contract, DGA, if applicable, and WGA representation, if applicable
  • Cast agreements including advising and assisting the casting director in executing short form contracts, if applicable, obtaining SAG contracts, finalizing long form agreements
  • Crew Agreements including but not limited to assistants and post-production contracts
  • Clearances including but not limited to obtaining company and personal releases required for the errors and omissions insurance policy
  • "On call" legal advice during production with an available representative of the company
  • Legal representation related to insurance coverage and other production agreements