Intellectual Property

We work closely with our clients, from businesses to individuals, in every field of business to develop, protect and exploit intellectual property interests in copyright, trademarks that they own or utilize.

Copyright Law

  • Federal copyright registration
  • Assignments and recordation
  • Copyright searches
  • Interpretation of domestic and foreign rights
  • Licensing and contract negotiation
  • Merchandising and Licensing
  • Protection of rights in merchandising properties
  • Licensing of copyrighted works
  • Monitoring and protection of copyrighted assets
  • Review, prepares and advises for copyright registration of intellectual property
  • Counsel clients on developing and implementing strategies for protecting copyrightable content

Trademark Law

  • Trademark/service mark selection and development
  • Review, prepare and advise for trademark registration of marks/logos/brands
  • Availability of trademarks for use, trademark searches and interpretation
  • Federal and state trademark applications, registrations, and renewals
  • Monitoring and protecting trademarks
  • Opposition, adverse and cancellation proceedings
  • Counseling on appropriate trademark usage in advertising, commercials and on packaging
  • Licensing of trademarks and service marks, leveraging trademarks and service marks through licensing agreements
  • Counsel on branding and marketing strategies to strengthen registration and enforcement matters
  • Advise and represent clients in connection with development and protection of trade secrets
  • Review and draft nondisclosure agreements